The Paper World of the Mind

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The Paper World of the Mind – Our Thoughts and our Sense.

It is about the journey from thinking to feeling and returning to sense, logic and the inner wisdom within humans through the story of a young girl, a student of life, and her “book”.

The Paper World of the Mind is the most autobiographical in nature of all her books, since it describes her experiences and losing herself, and is based on a broader introspection of her life from the moment of her birth up to her 32 years.

A truly astonishing book written in order to awaken all those that want to change their lives and truly see… It talks about concepts such as time, the unconscious, denials and rejection of the self in such a simple and disarming way, that it transfixes you.

The author shares with us the following:

‘‘The lady that undertook the editing of the text called me on the phone before completing it in tears … I remember her saying: Maria. You are still to realise what you have written. It is as if you wrote my life. As if I was the one who wrote it. This is what I constantly receive for my work… But I am human, and that is why I come through to people. I write about whatever I feel, exactly the way I feel it. I do not glamorise, nor polish it and omit parts of it to make it less than it is. I present it exactly as it happened. Inside of me.’’

The first theatrical publication of “Paper World” might have been presented in 2019, but it was actually rewritten almost from scratch in April 2020 during the COVID 19 pandemic, during which time Maria felt ready to put all this on paper.


Greek, English


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