Learning with Maria Stefanou

Maria has contributed to the growth of dozens of artists and colleagues even from the first years of her career. She has taught in leading educational institutions and has undertaken the casting and education of numerous theatre companies. You can see her curriculum vitae in full here.

She now delivers lessons in her own personal space, coordinating at the same time a line of master classes in collaboration with London, where she completed her studies, and grand names in the worldwide scene of musical theatre education as instructors.

Musical Theatre Workshop Address Albertou Naar 22 street, Faliro, Thessaloniki

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Dancing- Singing- Acting and Musical Theatre.

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Master Classes
Collaborating with the best of the field

We aim to provide our students with the best instructors and bring them into contact with the best universities worldwide.

London summer camp
London Summer Camp 2018
Educational Trips to the Birthplace of Musical Theatre

One-week long trips that aim to educate, entertain and familiarise our students with the universities abroad.

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