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Who we are...

We are a theatrical and artistic productions company that has been active in the world of books, theatre and art education since 2017.

Self-Knowledge Books

Maria Stefanou’s books belong to the self-knowledge book category suitable for the whole family and are recommended by psychologists, life coaches, parents and educators alike. They focus on the individual and its inwardness through the experiential view of the author. Most of them have corresponding songs and musical productions.


Singing, dancing and threatre lessons both in person and online delivered by the musical performer Maria Stefanou, her associates and speakers from all over the world.

We are waiting for you at our new workshop facilities at Faliro, Thessaloniki.

About Me

Born in 1988, the Thessaloniki raised and based writer, musical performer and theatrical producer Maria Stefanou, is a multitalented and multifaceted artist versed in singing and acting, with relative studies and dancing seminars to add to her expertise.

She has choreographed and participated in popular and much loved musical Regency Casino of Thessaloniki productions, such as “San Kapoios Thiasos-Like a Theater Company” by Takis Zacharatos, “To Proto mas Party- Our First Party” by Makis Delaportas, “Pame san Allote-Let’s go as we once did” by Panos Amarantidis, “Enas Ouranos me Asteria- A starlit sky”, “I Have a Dream” and “Dorian Grey the Musical” by Ada Tsesmeli Edwards..


Up to today, Maria has published in total her first 6 original titles, one of which has been translated in English thus beginning its world-wide distribution. Her first book, the beloved “One Step at a Time”, has sold over 4000 copies and continues to move people and help them find themselves and their “way”.

You will find their presentation in full as follows:

How Snow was made
The Vampire Called Anastasia
The State of Unity
One Step at a Time
For life to begin
The Paper World of the Mind
One Step At A Time
For life to begin
The Paper World of the Mind

“A journey of self-knowledge that through the simplicity in which it is delivered it secretly contains all the wisdom of life”.

Katerina Papathanasiou

“This book constitutes a bridge to our innermost self. A self that we have either forgotten or neglected…”

Angelos Roussos


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