For life to begin

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For life to begin- Our Uniqueness

A fairytale dedicated to the wonderful uniqueness of people and everyone’s need for respect and space for existing and being.


It is the story of a tree and all its inner journey towards deciding whether it will honour its true nature, or be like the rest of the trees that surround it.

And then you enter a world in which you don’t exist up to now.

And all of a sudden your Uniqueness emerges among

all that is already known in this world.

And you stand there wondering. Should I be like all that I see,

Or allow myself to flourish as what I am.

And become…me.

Should I let myself grow and see?

Or change myself? And adapt.”

I wonder…

What happens in a world full of lemon trees

… when an orange tree sprouts?”

Maria Stefanou | 15/1/2021


Greek, English


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