Maria Stefanou

Born in 1988, the Thessaloniki raised and based writer, musical performer and theatrical producer Maria Stefanou, is a multitalented and multifaceted artist versed in singing and acting, with relative studies and dancing seminars to add to her expertise.

She has choreographed and participated in popular and much loved musical Regency Casino of Thessaloniki productions, such as “San Kapoios Thiasos-Like a Theater Company” by Takis Zacharatos, “To Proto mas Party- Our First Party” by Makis Delaportas, “Pame san Allote-Let’s go as we once did” by Panos Amarantidis, “Enas Ouranos me Asteria- A starlit sky”, “I Have a Dream” and “Dorian Grey the Musical” by Ada Tsesmeli Edwards..

Her writing and directing debut was in 2014 with “Πριγκίπισσες the Musical-Princesses the Musical” at French Keys Jazz Club Thessaloniki, under the musical care of editor and conductor Spyros Rassias, which was celebrated and loved by the public, ranking up to 22 sold out performances. After taking part in countless musical productions of the like such as“Alexander the Great Rock Opera” by Konstantinos Athyridis, “Lahana and Hahana the Musical” by Tasos Ioannidis and other significant collaborations with distinguished figures of the field such as Sia Koskina, Stefanou decided to dedicate herself into the creation of her own work.

“One Step at a Time” constitutes her first completed creation and marks her decision to trust her gift and walk the path towards herself. It was written in March 2016 and was brought to the theatrical stage in the form of a musical, signed with her own compositions, lyrics, directing and choreography. It debuted at the Concert Hall of Thessaloniki deploying 80 artists that danced and sang their truths, and mounted up to 100 performances, evening and morning sessions alike, to this day. The first publication of the book that took place in May 2017 was sold out and the second and final edition came in circulation in March 2019 containing additions and changes made by the author herself. “My art reflects me, it changes and evolves as much as I do”, she said, adding that the journey has just begun.

In May 2017, having experienced the need of production, Maria began her own theatre and artistic productions company by the name Maria Stefanou Productions”.

Prompted by educators and parents associations alike, she went on her first theatrical tour in September 2018 called “Art next to Schools”, demonstrating new ways of collaboration between the private and public sectors under the shared cultural goal of equal and qualitative distribution of art to everyone. With the tour being a huge success, Maria now moves on to her next goal, that is its establishment.

The same happened with her written works right from her very first book, since the public was quick to single her out for the profoundness, simplicity and immediacy of her writing as well as for the unique themes that she employs that are inspired by her own personal experiences. Her books are now recommended by educators, parents associations, distinguished life coaches both in Greece and abroad, as well as psychologists and child psychologists alike who utilise them in their therapeutic methods.

Up to today, Maria has published in total her first 6 original titles, one of which has been translated in English thus beginning its world-wide distribution. At the same time, she brought to stage their respective musical-theatrical performances, some of which include Το 10 Το Καλό-To deka to kalo at Alexander Cinema-Theatre in 2018, The Paper World of the Mind at the Melina Mercouri Municipal Theatre of Kalamaria in 2019 , Serial Singers at Kafodeio Greek in 2019, The Vampire Called Anastasia in 2020 and For a Life to Begin in 2021.

Her company is ever-growing with her and has officially expanded to the editing and publishing of books of other artists.

Her creation could not be complete without her students and teaching career. The lessons provided, as well as her office, are now housed in her own personal space situated at Faliro, Thessaloniki. It is a multi-purpose venue, the grand opening of which took place in September 2020 aiming to embrace artists and house those in the need of self-expression.

Her artistic family is ever growing and her two new books are in the works to join on stage her first Christmas Book and Musical called “Πως φτιάχτηκε το χιόνι- How Snow was made” that is dedicated to the responsibility we have over our lives.

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